Following our recent AGM, the newly elected 2017 Committee members are:

President:  Frog Twissell; Vice President: Karen Grover; Treasurer: Paula Baldwin; Committee: Emz Schwass, Paula Bovey, Hugh Neill, Joanne Kilsby, Jonathan Luff and Deb Fish.

They welcome you contacting them about an idea for a show or how to become involved.  We look forward to hearing from you.

frog karen paula
Frog Twissell  Karen Grover Paula Baldwin
President Vice President Treasurer


Emma Schwass Paula Bovey
Hugh Neill
Committee Committee  Committee
 molly simon pip
 Joanne Kilsby
 Jonathan Luff
 Deb Fish
 Committee  Committee Committee

There’s no doubting committees aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Nelson Repertory’s focus is to make realistic expectations on those who give up their time, put their best foot forward and contribute in a positive way.

There will be an expectation of 90% attendance to 3-weekly meetings.  Meetings will have agenda items needing to be discussed.  Committee members will be expected to take on key roles to drive topics of interest … this maybe as a Head of Department, chairing a sub-committee, or the like.  The expectation is the work load is to be manageable and managed ie: the HOD or Chair isn’t expected to do it all, but to build relationships of those interested in contributing.

Members are encouraged and welcome to be involved in Sub-Committees.  Nelson Repertory Theatre Sub-Committees are:

  • Funding Applications – investigating and writing applications on behalf of Nelson Repertory Theatre.
  • Wardrobe – this production aspect now has a new home – it needs a review, inventory and operating plan.
  • Set Construction/Props – this production aspect has its own resources.  It also needs a review and inventory of current flats, scenery, paint, props etc.
  • Membership – keeping our membership informed through e-news and newsletters; working with ‘General Publicity’ to increase awareness of Nelson Repertory Theatre … perhaps forming alliances with local businesses.
  • General Publicity – this is a great area for all those interested in live theatre.  Together with driving and preparing standardised forms of promotional materials, this role will seek out opportunities for us to be involved in other local events.  It’s all about networking.
  • All Things Production – Nelson Repertory Theatre is already planning for our future shows.  Do you have production suggestions?  Would you like to be involved with a production?  There are a great many areas to contribute and/or learn.  Each production will run a similar course, but there’s opportunity to create and implement production templates such as rehearsal schedules, production timelines, publicity campaigns, etc.
  • HR person – someone to create a ‘People and Skills’ membership dossier to enable our production teams to involve the membership.  We would also like to update our Heads of Department job descriptions to enable more people to be upskilled with ease.
  • Rep Drama – Nelson Repertory Theatre has a new initiative this year.  If you would like to participate in theatre skills activities, please contact us.
  • We have books, scripts, Minutes, etc which need sorting into their new Library/Archive area.  Do you have an interest in these activities?  It could also do with an inventory to be a useful resource to future productions.
  • Education Co-ordinator – finding/creating workshops, training opportunities for Nelson Repertory members: eg lighting, crew, sound, stage manager, assistant stage manager, production manger, etc.
  • Scholarships – Nelson Repertory Theatre maybe in a position to award scholarships ie National Youth Drama School.  We need to know more about the opportunities available to our Society and members.
  • Corporate Events Co-Ordinator – it’s not all about behind the scenes.  How about Nelson Repertory Theatre members participating in Flash Mobs, Weddings, Christmas Parties, Murder Mysteries, etc.