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AGM postponed due to Covid-19

New date to be advised

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AGM Postponed Due to Covid 19

The AGM has obviously been postponed until further notice due to Covid 19.  The financial reports are posted on this website for all to view.

When we have clearance to meet with each other again, we will post the new date.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the Facebook page.

Stay safe and wash your hands!



Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit Murder on the Nile

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18th – 19th – 20th – 21st March 2020 



Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Nile

Show Dates – Theatre Royal from 18th to 21st March 2020. Directed by Alli Campbell

A honeymoon cruise down the Nile sounds like the perfect way to get away from it all. But, the tranquil warm darkness of an Egyptian evening can change fast when the air is thick with hot passion and cold malice. Temperatures rise and a gunshot rings out.

Under scrutiny are a diverse bunch of memorable passengers. The boat is awash with motives to kill. The tension and claustrophobia builds, and just when you think you’ve guessed the murderer, Agatha adds another twist.   This is a story of passion, rivalry and revenge. Can you work out whodunnit?

Group auditions will be held upstairs at the Theatre Royal rehearsal room on Sunday 15th December at 2.45pm.

What’s On 2019

One Act Play Festival

27th-30th November 2019

Nelson Repertory’s One Act Play Festival is a combination of Nelson/Tasman talent, involving three Theatre Groups:Nelson Repertory,Wakefield Country Players and director Beccy Myers.There are 6 one act plays, 2 per evening, and a Saturday matinee especially for the children and family groups.Total 7.

There are different plays per evening,some repeat performances but not all so don’t miss out.Plays include : premier performances of RSVP and My Father My Son,well known favorites like BadJelly the Witch,The Real Inspector Hound ,Leonardo’s Last Supper ,Lucy in the Sky and Tess and Flo.

Come to one evenings performance or buy a concession ticket and get to see all plays except Badjelly which has special matinee pricing.

Comedy,drama and intriguing situations- we have it all .Tickets available at Theatre Royal Nelson

Line-up of shows :

Wed 27th   My Father My Son followed by Leonardo’s Last Supper


Thursday 28th      RSVP followed by The Real Inspector Hound


Friday 29th       Lucy in the Sky, The Hemisphere’s singing group, Tess and Flo


Saturday 30th    Bad Jelly the Witch 2.30 pm, RSVP followed by My Father my Son evening- 7.30 pm start

Synopsis of each show :

My Father My Son- Nelson Repertory- 2  chances to see show

My Father My Son is an autobiographical play about a young man growing up in Wellington in a strong traditional Greek community in the 1970s. It is about his struggle to break away from the tight limits and expectations that are placed on him to confirm to his Greek culture, that is to marry a young Greek girl, be the first person in his family to go to university and eventually to financially support the family and ensure that the culture survives for the next generation.

Inevitably, the young man Kiriakos fights against his strong willed father Andreas and mother Andigoni. He feels a much greater affinity with his Kiwi friends, especially the young girl he meets and falls in love with at Victoria University.

As the play progresses, so does the tension, with disastrous consequences.

Leonardo’s Last Supper- Wakefield Country Players

A family of undertakers in a medieval charnel house prepare to bury Leonardo da Vinci. Disposing of the Renaissance genius will be a lucrative coup for the family business so the atmosphere is jovial as they dress up as plague doctors and bicker around the corpse. But their dreams of prosperity and perfumed gloves are interrupted when the health of the deceased polymath suddenly improves.

RSVP –  MíleGrá Creative-2  chances to see show

With her sister Jane’s wedding day looming, Charlotte must decide whether she is ready to come clean to her parents about a relationship they may not approve of and invite girlfriend Sam along to the big day.

The Real Inspector Hound- Nelson Repertory

This play follows the story of two theater critics, Moon andBirdboot, as they attend a play in London. Simultaneously, we trace the narrative arc of the theater critics and the narrative arc of the murder mystery play that they are assigned to review. So, it is a play-within-a-play. By the end of the play, the two narratives become entangled and are nearly impossible to separate.The murder mystery — the play-within-a-play — is set at Muldoon Manor, a typical setting for the detective genre. Nearby the Manor, a madman is on the loose. With a storm on the horizon, the police — led by Inspector Hound — cannot get to the Manor. Unbeknownst to the residents of the Manor, there is a dead body sprawled out across the floor of the drawing room………

Lucy in the Sky- Wakefield Country Players

Three women seek shelter in an inner city hostel for the homeless. On this cold winter night, each has a different reason for being there.

Alexia is pregnant following a rape, Meg has wreaked revenge on a brutal husband and has is a self-imposed exile, and with Wendy we see that sometimes all it takes to become an outcast is a sudden impulsive act – one that you regret forever.

This play, a prize winner in the Drama Association of Wales, One Act Play Writing competition 2000, is a sensitive portrayal of women with problems. Two of them are having to come to terms with recent events which have shattered their lives. The other cannot forget her failing because once a year for fifty years she has been vividly reminded.

This play doesn’t pull any punches – it’s life on the edge, and in the raw.

The Hemispheres– a singing quartet

Tess and Flo’-  written by Marianne Gaston and and Bruce Weston.Directed by Wakefield Country Players.
A comedy about female inmates incarcerated against their will in disagreeable circumstances.  They plot their escape.
Bad Jelly The Witch- Nelson Repertory
Tim Bray adaptation of Spike Milligan’s well know tale of Badjelly the Witch – Share Tim and Rose’s madcap adventure through the great black forest and into Badjelly’s castle. Cheer as Tim and Rose set off to search for Lucy. Laugh with Dinglemouse, Mud-wiggle and Binkle-bonk. And then….BOOOO at Badjelly, as she captures Tim and Rose. Will she turn them into sausages? Will they escape? Who will save them?