With the Theatre Royal closed due to Covid-19 these are uncertain times, we don’t know when the theatre will reopen. At this stage we have auditions booked for Sunday 26 April at 2 pm with show dates for “The Pink Hammer” 8 – 11 July, although these can be put back to around mid August if necessary.

Rather than wait until we are given the official notice that the theatre is open again before taking any action on this I would like to hold auditions, done remotely, solo or in a video group, reading Act One scene 1 from the script, at a date, time and technology to be determined. Then the production would be held either in July or August.

But I would first like to gauge interest to find out who would like to audition. So can you please contact me on 027 551 1100 or by email on hugh4921@gmail.com. If any of you need to read a script I can forward you a copy.

Hugh Neill – Director

The Pink Hammer by Michele Amas

8th to 11th July

Directed by Hugh Neill

“Join Maggie Taylor as she guides you through basic carpentry skills and chisels away at
the stereotype that has kept women out of the tool box for so long.”
So reads the flyer for The Pink Hammer Workshop, but when Annabel, Helen, Louise and
Siobhan turn up, looking forward to learning carpentry skills from a pioneering, female
furniture maker, they soon discover their tutor has disappeared – along with their pre-
paid fees. They find Maggie’s husband instead; a disgruntled out-of-work builder, who
knows nothing about the course, even less about Girl Power and is not impressed to find
four sheilas amongst his claw hammers.
Not the sort of women to back down from a challenge, the group convince Woody to
teach them the tricks of the trade in this hilarious and heart-warming Kiwi comedy.

Five unhappy people in a shed full of tools. What could possibly go wrong?
‘A damn good play. Very funny.’ – Roger Hall
“The Pink Hammer is Kiwi comedy at its best. It’s quirky as all hell; it’s very funny; it
provides phenomenally strong roles for four women – and one guy! – but more than
anything else, these are recognisable New Zealanders, which is why this is an outstanding
play to produce.”
– Artistic Director, Ross Gumbley, The Court Theatre.