The Christmas Carol- Steam Punk Style

A Christmas Carol – Steampunk style

Steampunk? What’s that?

Think Jules Verne. Think Philip Pullman. Think science fiction but the old fashioned way; anachronistic technology driven by steam, top hats, brass goggles, intrepid inventors and really, really cool clothing.

Google it, you’ll love it.

The Charles Dickens classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge is re-told with a twist and cogs and gears. Everything you’d expect from the well loved story but told in a way you’ve never seen before.

November 2018 – get your top hats ready.

Important Dates

21st July Auditions 10 a.m Richmond Town Hall Meeting Room- Block Audition so everyone keen must be there no later than 10 .

Character List
Character M/F Characteristics No of lines
X2 – a Robot M/F One of the two narrators. On stage much of the show.
Able to give the impression of being an automaton/cyborg. Interacts with the audience. Bouncy personality. 43
The Engineer M/F The other narrator. On stage a fair of the show. Interacts with the audience. Looks after X2. Bouncy personality. Sings a carol duet with Fred. 36
1st Urchin M/F Child – loud voice, confident 2
2nd Urchin M/F Child – loud voice, confident 1
Scrooge M On stage at all times. Many lines/interactions, so a good memory is vital. Scrooge demonstrates the change from the worst of people to the best of people. Actor should be able to convey this via stance, facial expression and posture as well as be word perfect. 170
Fred M Ever cheery and positive.
Starts singing a carol solo – Engineer joins in for duet.
Scrooge’s Nephew. 44
Barb Ratchet F Worn out with worry and over-work but a strong, loving mother. 29
Marley M Ghostly. But during the flashback – a tough businessman. 31
Ghost of Christmas Past M/F Ghostly.
Moves like a wraith. Has pincers / hooks for hands. 11
Teacher M Gruff. Stern. 4
Boys M Series of boys, each a little older and taller than the other, showing Scrooge aging. 5 or 6 needed. 0
Mdm Fizzlewig F Appears intimidating at first but warms to become an intrepid adventuress and inventor. Loud, effusive and dramatic. Over the top. 36
Eeyore M/F Cameo part. Comic timing is vital. Igor-esque character. 7
Young Scrooge M Starts positive & disintegrates into mean Scrooge as he ages. 44
Creation F Moves & speaks as an automaton. Young woman. 21
Ghost of Christmas Present F Wild adventuress. Swashbuckler. Sword fighting skills (or happy to learn). Changes wigs and stance to appear to age quickly. 35
Martha F Young woman. 3
Belinda F Girl. 4
Mr Ratchet M Barb’s husband. Worried about his family. 6
Peter M Boy. 4
Tinker Tim M Young boy. Walks with a limp as he has a tin leg. Sweet nature. 5
1st Yng man M Victorian party guest 7
1st Yng woman F Victorian party guest 18 (short lines)
2nd Yng man M Victorian party guest 7
2nd Yng woman F Victorian party guest 7
Ghost of CYTC M/F No lines, face not seen but needs to be imposing. 0
1st wealthy M/F Rich 2
2nd wealthy M/F Rich 2
3rd wealthy M/F Rich 2
4th wealthy M/F Rich 2
Maid F Poor 6
Cook F Poor 5
Undertaker M Poor 5
Villain M Rough type – sneering 12
Husband M Happy chap 4
Wife F Happy chap-ess 4
Boy M Good strong clear voice needed 6
Crowd M/F Act differently when playing poor or rich people. Sing. Singing carols
Double ups possible Where practical cast can play more than one role.
Drunk M/F Can act drunk and sing loudly – fall over safely. One verse


Rehearsals: Mon/Thurs particular scenes so it varies who is needed mainly 7-9 pm

Sunday : Everyone – mainly 4-6 p.m

Closer to show date this will vary.


Show Dates :15-25th November