One Act Play Festival November 2019

All auditions will be held at Theatre Royal Nelson upstairs rehearsal room.Come to back entrance of theatre. Someone will be there to meet you.Make sure you arrive at the start time and not during the audition time slot



Auditions 3/4th August upstairs Theatre Royal Nelson.

Nelson Repertory’s One Act Play Festival will be a combination of one act plays performed by several Theatre Groups within Nelson.There will be 8 plays, 2 per evening, and a Saturday matinee of 1 children’s plays.Performance dates Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th November.

Nelson Rep will be performing a number of plays.Details will be updated once confirmed.

Two of the plays which have been confirmed are My Father My Son to be directed by Hugh Neill.

Character List :


Audition Sat 3rd August 2-4 pm Theatre Royal Rehearsal Room


“My Father My Son” is an autobiographical play about a young man growing up in Wellington in a strong traditional Greek community in the 1970s. It is about his struggle to break away from the tight limits and expectations that are placed on him to confirm to his Greek culture, that is to marry a young Greek girl, be the first person in his family to go to university and eventually to financially support the family and ensure that the culture survives for the next generation.

Inevitably, the young man Kiriakos fights against his strong willed father Andreas and mother Andigoni. He feels a much greater affinity with his Kiwi friends, especially the young girl he meets and falls in love with at Victoria University.

As the play progresses, so does the tension, with disastrous consequences.

Cast List

Kiriakos   Male, stage age 18 – 25.Lacking self confidence, gets easily frustrated, has a chip on his shoulder

.Andreas  Male, stage age 45-55.Confident,loud,assertive,emotional

Andigoni Female stage age 45-55.Kiriakos’ mother. Very Greek, confident, assertive, loud

Stella Female  Stage age 25-40,Kiriakos’ sister.Very loud, almost over the top

Jenny Female stage age 18 – 25.Kiriakos’ girlfriend. Fragile, gentle, vulnerable

Yiannis Male stage age 18 -25.Friend of Kiriakos. Passive personality, always immaculately dressed

Stavros Male stage age 45 – 55.Friend of Andreas, restaurateur.Loud, confident, larger than life

Vassilis Male stage age 45 – 55.Friend of Andreas, fishing companion.Loud, can be a bit of a bully

For more details contact the Director Hugh Neil :hugh4921@gmail.com

My second play directed by Frog Twissell.

The Real Inspector Hound-(Comedy)

Audition Saturday 3 rd August 11-2 pm Theatre Royal Upstairs Rehearsal Room

The Real Inspector Hound follows the story of two theater critics, Moon and Birdboot, as they attend a play in London. Simultaneously, we trace the narrative arc of the theater critics and the narrative arc of the murder mystery play that they are assigned to review. So, it is a play-within-a-play. By the end of the play, the two narratives become entangled and are nearly impossible to separate.The murder mystery — the play-within-a-play — is set at Muldoon Manor, a typical setting for the detective genre. Nearby the Manor, a madman is on the loose. With a storm on the horizon, the police — led by Inspector Hound — cannot get to the Manor. Unbeknownst to the residents of the Manor, there is a dead body sprawled out across the floor of the drawing room………Character List:
Moon – a second-string theatre critic, called to the production to review it in the absence of Higgs, another critic. Moon’s jealousy of Higgs’ superior reputation seems to make him question his own purpose, with Moon’s ultimate thoughts being of Higgs’ death. (main character)
Birdboot – a theatre critic and a womaniser, who catapults young actresses to stardom by delivering dazzling reviews in return, we assume, for sexual favours. While married to Myrtle, he is having an affair with the actress who plays Felicity in the play within the play. (main character)
Higgs – the senior critic, Moon is his stand-in. (double with Hound)
Puckeridge – the third-string theatre critic, or Moon’s stand-in. In early versions of the play, this character was called “McCafferty”.(double with Gascoyne)

Play-within-a-play characters

Mrs Drudge – The maid, or char, of Muldoon Manor. One of Stoppard’s primary vehicles for emphasising the satirical character of the story. Her cockney accent adds to the humour of Stoppard’s play. (medium-size part)
Simon Gascoyne – New to the neighbourhood, Simon has had affairs with both Felicity and Cynthia. He takes an instant dislike to Magnus, as they are both in love with Cynthia. Later in the play, Birdboot assumes the role of Simon Gascoyne, and vice versa.(medium-size character)
Felicity Cunningham – A beautiful, innocent, young friend of Cynthia’s who has had an affair with Simon and Birdboot. She is seemingly sweet and charming, but soon seeks ruthless revenge. (main character)
Cynthia Muldoon – Apparent widow of Lord Albert Muldoon who disappeared ten years ago. She claims to be very upset about her husband’s disappearance, but the audience is led to think otherwise. Sophisticated and beautiful. She has had an affair with Simon. (main character)
Major Magnus Muldoon – Lord Albert Muldoon’s crippled half-brother who just arrived from Canada. Has a desire for his late brother’s widow, Cynthia. Takes an instant dislike to Simon, as they are both in love with Cynthia. (main character)
Inspector Hound – Appears from outside the house in the middle of the play to investigate an alleged phone call. Moon assumes this role near the end of the play, and vice versa. ( medium-size character)

For more details contact the Director Frog :  treasurer@nelsonrepertory.org.nz


RSVP a play written and directed by Beccy Myers- individual artist.

Audition Saturday 3 rd August 9.30-11 am Theatre Royal Upstairs Rehearsal Room


With her sister Jane’s wedding day looming, Charlotte must decide whether she is ready to come clean to her parents about a relationship they may not approve of and invite girlfriend Sam along to the big day.




Female. 25 – 30. Bisexual and polyamorous, though only with one foot out of the closet. She is married to Dan and currently dating Sam. Anxious about the prospect of coming clean to her parents about being part of a triad, she must decide what to do before her sister’s upcoming wedding, as Jane has invited all three to attend as an item.


Male. 25 – 30. Straight and polyamorous. He is married to Charlotte and dating Sam, with no other family to speak of. Known to try and keep the peace whenever possible, he is extremely laidback, almost to a fault. Loves chips.


Female. 30 – 35. Charlotte’s older sister. She is straight, monogamous and about to be married. She is somewhat self-centred and as the wedding draws nearer her bridezilla tendencies are revealed, though deep down her intentions are usually good. Straight-talking and to the point, she does her best to accept her sister’s new relationship, though she may not be entirely convinced that it’s all going to work out for them.


Female. 25 – 30. Bisexual and polyamorous, she has been out of the closet for so long she doesn’t even remember what outfits were hanging inside of it. Very confident in her own skin, she has high expectations of her partners to feel the same level of self-assurance. Her lack of empathy can sometimes be her downfall and she would do well to remember to think before she speaks.


To be confirmed Children’s matinee performance- director Joanne Kilsby.

Audition Sunday 4th August 2 – 4pm Theatre Royal Upstairs Rehearsal Room

Details to follow shortly.




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