One Act Play Festival November 2019

Line-up of plays

Hi you can now buy One Act Play Festival tickets from the Theatre Royal Nelson. This festival is different from our normal shows in the fact that you have a choice of seeing all the shows,except Bad Jelly, for one ticket price of $40 plus service fee- that is 6 different plays for the one price.

Bad Jelly has separate low pricing for the matinee session of $12 adults and only $5 children plus service fees.

If you only want to see one night’s performance choose your night carefully.Many of the shows are only being performing once so choose carefully.

Wed 27th My Father My Son followed by Leonardo’s Last Supper

Thursday 28th RSVP followed by The Real Inspector Hound

Friday 29th Lucy in the Sky, The Hemisphere’s singing group, Tess and Flo

Saturday 30th Bad Jelly 2.30 am, RSVP followed by My Father my Son.

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