Wanted: six guys to get their gear off!

Nelson Repertory Theatre has secured the rights to the Broadway musical adaptation of the award winning film THE FULL MONTY.

The 1997 film of THE FULL MONTY stormed the box office and became the most successful British screen comedy ever, receiving The Evening Standard Award for Best Film.

The faithful stage adaptation won the same award in 2001 for Best Musical.

Garnering ten nominations for the 2001 Broadway Tony Awards,
THE FULL MONTY celebrates the renewal of self-esteem in a group of men made redundant by the closing of a steel mill.

Enhanced by sharp and witty lyrics that expose more of the ‘inner-self’ and supported by punchy modern music, THE FULL MONTY is a Contemporary Musical.

Jazzy Funky songs lead us through a colourful journey that celebrates triumph over adversity, in the most heart-warming way.

Director Bryan Aitken          :          Music Director Chris Lukies          :          Choreographer Pete Harris

MONTY – It’s not just ‘a man’s world’.

Well, you may be thinking, THE FULL MONTY, there’s nothing for women! Wrong! The six guys that strip have women in their lives. Well mostly – two guys find each other – but there are great roles for women. THE FULL MONTY offers great opportunities if you’ve been waiting for the chance to say, “I can act”!

The parts for women in this musical afford those looking to step up, to take on roles that extend the actor, to develop and create characters beyond the cliché.

The work of women in this musical is pivotal, as they cajole, collude and support their men in their time of crisis. They have great songs too. Is this the opportunity you’ve been waiting for?  It’s a Woman’s World!

Audition Timetable/Format

Please contact the Production Manager to book an audition time (10min slot).
Venue:    Peta Spooner Academy of Dance, Pioneer Park, 12 Hastings Street, Nelson
Saturday 25 November:
11am to 4pm:  Sing & Read.  Please prepare an appropriate song; script pieces below.
Sunday 26 November
10.30am:  Male choreography plus callbacks
11.30am:  Female choreography plus callbacks

The show is set in Buffalo, New York state. An American accent is required.

Derivation of TFM                         Rehearsal Protocol


MARCH 2018:  22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30 & 31
Venue:  Theatre Royal, Nelson