Nathan is aged 12, the son of Jerry and Pam (who are estranged). Both parents have partners.  There is a custody battle going on between his parents.  There is great love and rapport between father and son.

Jerry (Nathan’s father) is the lead role. He is the motivator of the men’s decision to strip to make some money, after they were all laid off from the mill. If he can’t provide, he will lose custody of Nathan.

The ‘f’ word is used in one of Nathan’s scenes.  Jerry also says “Jesus Nath” and hugs him, when the boy offers his own money as a loan to mount the production.

This is followed by a beautiful song sung to Nathan as he sleeps in bed, ending with – “all I know is I love you kid”, revealing that sometimes we are astounded by the knowingness and perception of our children. When Jerry wants to pull out of the routine, Nathan confronts him, and tells him not to act as a loser. This brings Jerry up with a jolt.

This is a lovely role for a boy wanting to develop his acting ability.

9 Scenes in total. The scenes are not long – ranging from 3 or 4 lines to a dozen.  Rehearsals will vary in frequency during the week and will increase towards production week and onwards from that.  Consideration will be made for early evening rehearsals etc.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Production Manager.

This is a comedy/drama, non-singing, non-dancing role.  Age range for auditionees: 11/13yrs.

Audition Script Pieces:  Nathan-Jerry
The show is set in Buffalo, New York state. An American accent is required.

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