Jerry Lukowski*                   32  Unemployed mill worker, fighting for son’s custody.                         Rock tenor. Broad ability.  Several solos.

Nathan Lukowski                12  Jerry’s son, worldly wise & lovable.                                                   (non-singing)

Pam Lukowski                      Jerry’s estranged wife, feisty but fair.                                                       Highish belt. Broadway/Jazz.

Teddy Slaughter                   Pam’s live-in boy-friend, a jock.                                                               (non-singing)

Dave Bukatinsky*                 30’s  Unemployed mill worker, a little over-weight.                                Tenor. Broadway/Rock.

Georgie Bukatinsky             Dave’s adoring wife. Organizes ‘ladies nights’.                                          Lyric. High belt. Broadway/Jazz.

Harold Nichols*                   40’s  Unemployed supervisor at mill, social dancer.                                  Baritone. Broadway lyric.

Vicki Nichols                        Harold’s wife, caring, but loves to spend money.                                      Alto. Jazz/lyric with high belt.

Malcolm MacGregor*           20’s  Unemployed mill worker, repressed, lives at home with mum, slim.     Tenor. (top A) Broadway lyric.

Molly MacGregor                 Malcolm’s ailing mum.  Cameo.                                                                 (non-singing)

Ethan Girard*                       30’s  Unemployed mill worker, simplistic & good hearted. Physical.        Tenor. Broadway lyric.

Noah (Horse) Simmons*      50’s  Retired mill worker, solid. Black/Brown ethnicity.                             Baritone. Soul/funk.

Jeanette Burmeister             40/50  Piano player of indeterminate years, comedy role.                       Alto. Brassy.

Estelle Genovese                  Jerry’s occasional girl friend, sassy.                                                           Highish belt. Broadway/Jazz.

Susan Hershey                      Friend of Pam & Georgie’s, loves a night out.                                           Highish belt. Broadway/jazz.

Joanie Lish                            Another lively friend , Brown/Black ethnicity.                                           Highish belt. Broadway/jazz.

Buddy (Keno) Walsh           Male stripper, good body.                                                                           (non-singing)

Reg Willoughby
                 40/50  Unemployed mill worker, union leader.                                          (non-singing)

Tony Giordano
                   Seedy club owner of Italian extraction.                                                      (non-singing)

* Jerry, Dave, Harold, Malcolm, Ethan and Noah perform ‘The Full Monty’.
These are character ages – actor could be older/younger.
No chorus required. This show is ‘ensemble based’. Several cameo roles. Doubling possible.
Auditionees are asked to select a song showing their ability in Jazz/Broadway/Funk/Rock.
Although there are ‘non-singing’ roles, those actors should at least be able to hold a tune.


Audition Script Pieces:
The show is set in Buffalo, New York state. An American accent is required.

Jerry-Nathan               Jerry-Pam                   Malcolm-Dave-Jerry                  Molly-Malcolm                 Harold-Jerry
Ethan-boys                 Dave-Jerry                  Noah(Horse)-Jerry                     Tony-Jerry                          Keno-Dave-Jerry

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