The faithful stage adaptation of the Award winning film, THE FULL MONTY celebrates the renewal of self-esteem in a group of men made redundant by the closing of a steel mill.

Seeing a poster of the strippers ‘The Chippendales’ – and incensed by the money they are making (and the performance to which their women are attending), they think they can do better!

The women’s roles in the stage musical have been enlarged and enhanced.

“It’s a Woman’s World” they sing as they invade the men’s toilets at the club. Because its ‘ladies night’.

They are still earning and spending, while their men fall down – unaware of their loved-ones deepening despair.

Strong masculine musical numbers conjoin with comedy and romantic ballads.

Enhanced by sharp and witty lyrics that expose more of the ‘inner-self’ of both sexes and supported by punchy modern music, THE FULL MONTY is a contemporary Musical.

Jazzy Funky songs lead us through a colourful journey that celebrates triumph over adversity, in the most heart-warming way.

Audition Script Pieces:
The show is set in Buffalo, New York state. An American accent is required.
Georgie-Pam-Susan-Estelle-Joanie                                      Pam-Jerry                                            Vickie-Harold
Georgie-Dave                                                                       Molly-Malcolm                                    Jeanette-Jerry


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