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Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th January 2018 

Have you got your Theatre Royal Crew Training tickets yet? Yes! great – then this workshop is for you!

Nelson Repertory has a fantastic opportunity to be able to learn more about the creative side of theatre craft.

    We have 3 courses for you:

  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design
  • Props making – STEAM PUNK CHRISTMAS

Workshop Cost $20 per course, or $45 for all three

Minimum Numbers 10 / Maximum Numbers 16 – numbers are small to make sure you get the most out of it so make sure you get in quick!


Saturday 13 January
10am – 2.30pm Lighting Design
(This will include a lunch break from Noon – 12.30pm)
3pm – 5pm First Session of Sound Design
Sunday 14 January
10am – Noon Second session of Sound Design
12.30pm – 5pm Steam Prop Making Workshop
(This will include an afternoon tea break from 2.30pm – 3pm)

Theatre Lighting Design

Right, so you know how to rig and hang lamps for a show, but you want to go to the next step.  Have you ever wondered how anyone gets from pieces of paper or book (The Script) to something that looks like a real show. This is an introduction to the design process, from script reading to curtain up.

Over four hours  Brendan McGrath will cover:

  • The aims in lighting a show
  • When to get involved and what you need to do.
  • Pre planning and budgeting
  • Taking direction and interaction with ‘them that must be obeyed’ (the director)
  • Lamp types and choosing the correct ones to use for what role
  • What happens once you get into the theatre
  • Where to rig your lamps and why
  • Plotting and recording your show
  • Cue lists and cheat sheets (paperwork)

Sound Design

Mark Nicholls  will share his passion with you, learning about  the different elements of sound, and how this can add something amazing to any show. During the 2 day course  an overview – of thinking about what do we want to achieve with sound, and why this might be different for plays vs musicals. You will learn: 

  • Microphone types and how and when to use them
  • Sound mixing – how to plan a performance
  • How to set EQ etc
  • Dealing with a mix of amplified and non –amplified sources
  • How to make the most of loudspeaker placement – when and how to go beyond the ‘house’ PA

 Steam Punk Prop Making Workshop

Joanne Kilsby will teach you some tricks and skills with prop making, which is a unique tool to have when it comes to stage craft.  You get in touch with your creative side and have fun making original steam punk props like a top hat, which may be worn by one of the actors in Nelson Repertory’s 2018 production of “A Christmas Carol”.

Learn what it takes to be a backstage Props person and have the opportunity to work alongside an expert in one of Nelson Repertory’s productions.

The hands-on workshop is suitable for budding crafters and have-a-go prop makers with all materials and equipment supplied.

 To register  please email these details. 

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  • email
  • Cell phone
  • which course / all 3 of you want combo
  • confirm amount paid

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****possible funding options available for large groups and/ or students. please email to enquire