The Naked Truth- June 13th-16th


The Naked Truth                                                                                 Written by Dave Simpson

Tailor-made for Women, The Naked Truth is the next unmissable Comedy Play from Dave Simpson, the writer of the hit comedy “Girls Night Out”. It is a brilliant funny play about sisterhood.

Five very different women sign up for Gabby’s pole dancing class (the latest get-fit craze) at the local village hall. None of them having any idea what lies ahead and each of them having their own reasons for taking up pole dancing whether it be to restore confidence in their body, get a guy, keep a guy, lose weight or embark upon a potential new career

As their stories unfold and unravel, they share laughter and tears. However, when one of the women receives some devastating news, the others soon pull together and decide to turn their new skill into a fund-raising event.
For all its frothy frivolity, this all-female play genuinely has heart and soul. It’s a play for women, about women, that men must absolutely see.



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